Information About Robot

  • Version: 3.1
  • Bot Type: Good (will not affect your ranking or penalize your site.)
  • Usage: Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization
  • Follows Robots.txt Rules: Yes
  • User-Agent String: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Adsbot/3.1;

Checks robots.txt in crawler: Check

What Is Seostar?

Seostar online marketing toolset powers the 12 trillion link database via its Web Crawler. It combs the web to add new links to our database and checks the status of previous links. Use it to avoid 404 errors and boost your website’s capabilities. Our users need extensive data, and Seostar delivers. Its main purpose is to boost the effectiveness of your ads and create an action plan for online marketing.

Seostar collects link data from the web and shares it with thousands of digital marketers. Then, they use the information to fulfill their online marketing campaigns. Anyone online can find it useful from retail enterprises to small business owners. It is excellent for achieving a high ranking and discovering the effectiveness of ads.

This data works excellently for the experts in SEO. It allows search engine marketers to understand how search engines work to optimize their websites in tandem with their needs. 

The tool runs over six billion webpages every 24 hours and the index updates between 15 to 30 minutes later.

Adsbot is almost as effective as Google’s crawling bot. Third parties recommend it for its effectiveness and useful tools.

How Does Adsbot Crawl Your Website?

Adsbot is crawling your website and making notes of outbound links. Once it gains the links, it adds them to our extensive database. Every once in a while, it re-crawls websites to check the status of previous links. If you have a 404 error, Adsbot detects it.

Re-crawling helps you find broken or ineffective links. Because they hurt your chances to rank on search engines, the tool is invaluable.

The only storage that Adsbot obtains is through links. Our crawler does not collect or store any other reports about your website. If you have ads, it does not affect them. It is also invisible to Google Analytics and does not affect the traffic on your website.

Does Adsbot Follow robots.txt Rules?

Adsbot follows robots.txt rules.

We strictly respect robots.txt. It allows and disallows the rules that you put in place.

How Do You Control Adsbot on Your Webpage?

Adsbot follows your website’s robots.txt file. You do not have to worry about it breaking rules as it crawls your page. You are in command of where it goes and when it goes there.

Adjust the frequency of Adsbot’s visits by setting the minimum acceptable delay between two sequential rules from our bot in your robots.txt file:

 User-agent: adsbot
 Crawl-Delay: [value] 

Crawl-Delay calculates by the second. Choose it to delay your crawl time to the number of seconds you want. 

If you want Adsbot to stop visiting your site, put the following code in your robots.txt file.txt file:

 User-agent: adsbot
 Disallow: / 

Adsbot may need time to pick up changes in your robots.txt file. Each of the changes is made before each next scheduled crawl.

Please be aware that Adsbot will crawl your page if your robot.txt has errors. Monitor the bot’s effectiveness, and check in on it every once in a while. If you notice it overlooking your commands, there may be a mistake in your text. Make changes in your text bit by bit, and through the process of elimination, you will find the error.

This is an excellent tool for monitoring your ranking and developing an online marketing plan. SEO and digital ads are much easier with a sophisticated tool at your fingertips.

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If you think that Adsbot hurts or penalizes your website, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact our support team at